1. What is Survivor Skin?
    Survivor Skin is a Face + Lash-Safe skincare company, providing easily accessible and simplified 2-in-1 face and lash extension cleansers. We want to create awareness around the importance of lash extension hygiene & longevity, bringing you products free of hidden nasties, suitable for all skin types! Unlike lash extension cleansers that can leave your skin feeling dry and yet another step to add to your skincare routine, Survivor Skin’s products are 2-in-1, super hydrating, and won’t leave your skin feeling stripped and dry. 

  2. Can I use Survivor Skin products if I don’t wear lash extensions?
    Absolutely! Our products have been formulated to be gentle daily cleansers and effective face & eye makeup removers suited for all people of all skin types! 

  3. What makes Survivor Skin’s products ‘lash extension safe’?
    When wearing lash extensions, you want to make sure you are avoiding oil-based products as this can break the bond of the glue and promote premature fall out. All of our products are oil-free for optimal lash retention! 

  4. How are Survivor Skin’s products safe to use on both the face and eyes?
    Our products have been formulated to be pH balanced, therefore suitable for the pH levels of both the face and eyes.  

  5. Are Survivor Skin products cruelty free?
    Yes! All of our products are 100% cruelty free.

  6. Are Survivor Skin’s products fragrance-free?
    Yes! All of our products are free from any fragrances. 

  7. Can I use Survivor Skin whilst pregnant or breast feeding?
    Yes, all of our products are gentle and safe to use whilst pregnant or breast feeding. In fact, our founder was pregnant during the trialling of Survivor Skin’s products! 

  8. Where are Survivor Skin’s products made?
    Our cleansing products are all proudly Australian-made!

  9. Can I leave my Survival Brush in the shower and/or wet areas?
    No, we recommend that you keep your Survival Brush in dry areas. The fluffy end of the brush may be wet when cleaning lashes, then stored in a dry area. This is because our brush arms are made of wood, not plastic, and can therefore become damaged when left in wet areas. 

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